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I Miss You Guys....

And I miss writing, too. Things are changing in my life. One big change is my fiance, Todd, who the boys love and I couldn't be apart from--he's moving in now. He brings peace and order to our lives. And he's doing something else, too. Something he doesn't even realize... He's waking up my writer-me. Yes, the still-sleeping writer is finally beginning to toss and turn. She's aware of dawn approaching, but she's not ready to get up just yet.

Give her five more minutes, Ma.
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Someone knows my secret

What moms carry 'round

In their souls

So put together

So positive

Might be quirky

But still normal

Someone knows this woman

Who this mother hoards and covets

And shields from judging eyes

Chaotic and free


Leaps first


Someone guessed my secret

But won't betray this mother

This mom, mommy, mama

Someone wants to share me

To know that woman there

He 'gets' her

Understands her

Knows me

I've been waiting for that someone

Who will keep my secrets

Who will tempt this woman free

And coax loose my fantasies

Because I need to be a woman now

And a mommy, too

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Customers, Call Centers, Cold Showers

I swear, I get all the weirdos....

Yesterday's call center question du jour: Which do you prefer, French kissing or Australian kissing?

Me:  What's Australian kissing?

Customer:  You know, 'down under' k--

Me: Got it!  Got it!  Moving on!

In other news...  Most men in Missouri have long, handle bar mustaches.
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Jumping Without A Parachute

And why not jump without a parachute?  Could be cement down there, true, or... Could be a bed of fluffy pink marshmallows.  I really can't tell from this distance, but....

Oh what the hell.

I jumped.

And I dropped all sites to focus on Daniel. 

And Daniel is focusing on ME.


Oh Lord.  I did WHAT?!

Well, it's  'cause I never really thought a simple picture of a handsome smiling face could stone-cold-stop-my-breath-mid-inhale...  Never thought a voice could give me such delicious chills... Never thought a mere 'chat' could...  Well, I'm smitten.  And I've checked him out as best I can; what he's told me all adds up.   Plus, he's 35, divorced, and has a nine-year-old son.  And he lives in St. Paul where I have family--that's only three hours from me.

Now, don't you go thinkin' I haven't thought of what you're thinkin' right now...  And yes, I fully accept that I am officially crazy.

So, could this possibly be a repeat of Mr. Eh?  Maybe.  But in all those hours on the phone with Mr. Eh, I NEVER felt like this.  All shivery and tingly and hot and bothered and...  Well, you get the gist.

Yes, yes... I know!  Sounds like teenage hormones running amok in the body of a 38 year old--I think that movie was called Freaky Friday...  But I digress!  See, it's more than just hormones... It's his personality, his wit, his piercings and tattoos!  (Yeah, you read that right.)  ;-)

And yeah, this could fail utterly horribly miserably and my heart could end up shredded, mashed, scooped up and flipped out.  Very true.  But I don't care!  I want to love and live and enjoy!  I want to feel all wrapped up in rose colored bliss!   I want to feel my heart race and my pale face flush! 

I want Daniel.

So, I might just hit cement.

But here's hoping it's all marshmallows.
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Guys Are Guys, Online Or Off

What I mean is, they do not read a lady's preferences AT ALL! 

Just "chatted" with a rather cute Latino dj on the ol' Big and Beautiful site...  5'6!!!!!!!

Not that I'm a height-ist...  I mean, I have dated extreemly short guys in my past, but...  I had specifically marked 'must be at least 6'0'!

Nobody reads anymore.

Except for you, 'cause you're reading this right now. lol
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Oh. And Let Me Explain Myself....

This is definitely not a serious writer's journal, though seriously, in any journal all one can do is write...  Well, unless it's an illustration journal, then... But no!  I digress.  Let those who can teach, teach.  As for me, all I can do is pretty much learn.  That's about it.  Oh--and crack a joke or two along the way.  I mean, I can be serious, but I hardly ever want to be anymore (unless a friend needs a shoulder, etc).  Nope.  This journal is not about being helpful with awesome writing techniques (you'll have to do what I do and look at what my friends are writing in their journals).  Nope.  I'm not the helpful sort. Not me. So if any new writers stumble upon this journal, you should know, my tips only come in the form of, "This sucked when I did it, so you might not wanna do it yourself."  Just sayin'.

This is me.  All glittery and obsessive and weird and actually trying to score a date before the summer ends. Yes, I know, summer hasn't even officially started yet, but come on!  We all know the last day of school is the first day of summer!  Time's a tickin' over here!!!!

So, in honor of that annoyingly ticking time bomb, I've begun to explore the realm of online dating.  Yeah, I know.  And it's all true.

Hey!  I've already got some Kelsey Can!  Tips!

Kelsey Can...Online Date

Tip #1

Do not use a mugshot to attract your future date.  I don't need to see your serial number.  I've already deleted you.

Tip #2

Do not use the word "pervert" in your bio essay.  This was assumed.  Moving on now....

And Tip #3

Do not use more than one 'love' when talking about your feelings for children.  I read where you said you love, love, LOVE children.  And I read where you said you have none.  The word 'pervert' didn't even need to be stated here. DELETE.
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And So Kelsey Begins Again (and again and again and again)....

If Madonna can reinvent herself...  Okay.  Nevermind.  Nonetheless, I'm off and writing one more time.  Wait.  I should check myself over...  Agentless?  Check.  Unfinished novel?  Check.  Previous manscript left to rot?  Pretty much.  Okay then!

Behold the NEW and IMPROVED Kelsey!  Or, at the very least, the RIGHT NOW Kelsey.

And Kelsey is writing...AGAIN!!!!!!

Can I get a WOOT?
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